2014 Nissan Terrano

2014 Nissan Terrano. The new vehicles are confirmed, the cooperation of large car manufacturers and alliance known brands. 2014 Nissan Terrano, which will be officially launched on 20 August in India , but also in Frankfurt this fall, proving previous sightings, but opens up many other issues.

2014 Nissan Terrano Teaser and Leaked

Namely Nissan Terrano 2014, based on existing models of cars, Dacia Duster, which is primarily exported to the UK market  and Ireland, and the Renault Duster, which got its place in the market thanks to Russian buyers. In the market of India, Nissan’s modified car models were primarily offered by company Renault. Nissan Micra as Renault Pulse and Nissan Sunny as Renault Scala. Whether by chance or willfully, the company Nissan fights back with his new 2014 Nissan Terrano, putting their logo on the well-known Duster.

2014 dacia duster & 2014 nissan terrano

2014 dacia duster & 2014 nissan terrano

New Terrano is not just a copy of Duster, because Nissan’s team made ​​sure that the new car has all the elements that are recognizable when we talk about the Japanese auto industry. This SUV, unlike Dacia models , could be equipped with more powerful engines such as the 1.6L dCi and 2.0L dCi. Unfortunately, more data on the strength, energy and general mechanics from 2014 Nissan Terrano, we will be able to provide after launching the vehicle.

2014 Nissan Terrano Rear

As for the exterior of this Nissan SUV, he significantly altered compared to vehicle Duster. Headlights and front grill fully meet existing SUV models, the company Nissan. Due to the completely new line of  vehicle,  we can say that it is redesigned. Rear view, Terrano 2014 also does not have, a lot of similarities with the Duster model. Compared to the appearance, the interior has not undergone almost no changes, which can be interpreted as a decision to keep something well and good in favor of the future owners and their complete satisfaction while driving.

New 2014 Nissan Terrano, will appear in the showrooms of India, in November this year. According to previous announcements, it will be more expensive than the Renault Duster, but the final price is not known.